Fruits and Vegetables

Green Oxygen Group of Companies is a prominent exporter and supplier of fresh vegetables. We collect vegetables from highly reputed and reliable farmers can guarantee their production. A natural production technique, maintained hygienic conditions and health conscious cultivation ensures that every vegetable is full of nutrients and healthy.

Our Products
            1. Apples (Royal, Delicious, Golden ) Available from Aug. to Dec.
            2. Mangoes (Kalapad, Malliga, Banganapalli, Alphonsa, GO17, GO55, GO22, Safeda, Sinduri, Chausa,
                Dussheri) Available from Apr. to July
            3. Kinnow / Mandarins: Available from Nov. to Jan.
            4. Orange: Available from Oct. to Dec.
            5. Pomegranates: Available from Apr. to Jan.
            6. Grapes: Available from Dec. to Feb.
            7. Litchi: Available from May to June
            8. Strawberry: Available from Dec. to Jan.

Fruits Available round the year:
            1. Banana
            2. Papaya
            3. Pineapple
            4. Sweet lime & Lemon
            5. Watermelon

Vegetables Available round the year:
            1. Garlic
            2. Tomato
            3. Potato
            4. Onion
            5. Drumstick
            6. Carrots

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