Our Company at a Glance

Our Green Oxygen International, founded in 1995 As a privately held company with over 140 employees worldwide with expertise in Green Oxygen, International Trade and animal’s production in addition to the specialists in management, finance, logistics and legal, with operations in USA, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

Green Oxygen Group continues to invest and develop agricultural products across the region

and has a potential interest in other lands. Green Oxygen Group, expanding through diversification including Green Oxygen, International Trading of Rice, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Coffee, Frozen meats, Chicken Eggs, Fruits, Vegetables and Spices.

Green Oxygen Group At a glance

‣   ISO 9001:2015 Certified
‣   ISO 22000:2005 Certified
‣   HACCP Certified
‣   Founded in: 1995
‣   Employees: 140+
‣   Global Offices: 5+
‣   Partners: 320+ around the world